Tucson : Roomier space

2grey는 현대자동차 Tucson의 유럽 런칭에 맞춰, 여섯가지 USP비디오를 창작했습니다.
클러스터가 변형됨에 따라 산이 움직이고,
에어컨과 자연의 바람이 함께 조절되고,
자동차와 건물의 인테리어가 상호작용하는 등
투싼과 자연환경을 긴밀하게 연결시키는 크리에이티브로 각 USP를 풀어내었습니다.
다이나믹 SUV라는 제품에 맞춰 드라마틱한 비주얼과 몰입감 있는 카메라연출에 신경써서 진행했습니다.

2grey created 6 USP videos to coincide with the European launch of Hyundai Tucson.
As the cluster deforms, the mountains move,
Air conditioning and natural wind are controlled together,
The interaction between the car and the interior of the building, etc.
Each USP was solved with a creative that closely connects Tucson and the natural environment.
In line with the product called Dynamic SUV, we paid attention to dramatic visuals and immersive camera movement.

  • Client
    • Hyundai Motor
  • Project Manager(Hyundai)
    • Kijong Lee
  • Creative, directed and designed by
    • 2grey
  • Project Manager(2grey)
    • Minwoo Jang
  • Creative Director
    • Minhyuk Jang
  • MotionGraphic Supervisor
    • Soojeong Lee
  • Asset Supervisor
    • Soyeun Lee
  • Sound
    • Smider