LCK 2021 Summer Final Title
Riot Games Korea
2grey는 LCK 2021 서머 오프닝타이틀에 이어 결승타이틀 영상을 기획하고 만들었습니다.
오프닝 타이틀 이후의 스토리를 다룬 결승타이틀 영상은 10개 팀의 결승을 향한 고난과 의지를 담고, 최종 두 팀이 트로피를 향해 격돌하는 것으로 기획되었습니다.

LED패널과 AR로 구현된 우승자의 제단에서 열린 이번 결승전은
오프닝 타이틀에 등장했던 의문의 인물이 베일을 벗고 캐스터로서 등장하면서 그 시작을 알렸고, 유독 치열했던 이번 시즌을 뚫고 결승에 진출한 두팀의 접전이 펼쳐졌습니다.

어느팀이 진출할지 1주 전까지 알수없어 기획과 제작이 쉽지않았지만, 한시즌의 시작과 마무리를 함께할 수 있어 의미와 보람있는 프로젝트입니다.

2grey directed and produced the LCK 2021 Summer Finals title following the opening title. The final title video, which deals with the story after the opening title, contains the hardships and will of 10 teams toward the final, and in the end, the final two teams clash for the trophy.

The final was held at the winner's altar implemented with LED panels and AR. The mysterious character who appeared in the opening title took off the veil and appeared as a caster, signaling the start. After a particularly intense season, the two teams advanced to the finals.

Planning and production was not easy because we did not know which team was going to advance until a week ago. It is a meaningful and rewarding project as we can share the beginning and end of a season together. 
  • Client
    • Riot Games Korea
  • Project Manager
    • Kiseok Ra (Riot Games Korea) 
  • Creative, directed and designed by
    • 2grey
  • Creative director
    • Minhyuk Jang
  • Director
    • Youngsik Kim
  • Art Director
    • Yoonjung Byun
  • Producer
    • Minwoo Jang
  • DP
    • Myeongje Kim
  • Previsual, Animation
    • Youngsik Kim, Hyunjong Kim 
  • Asset Supervisor
    • Soyeun Lee
  • Asset Artist
    • Minji Oh, Kyuhyun Lee
  • Assemble Supervisor
    • Yoonjung Byun
  • Assemble, Look Dev Artist
    • Hyungbin Kim, Yerim Lee, Hwijoo Kim, Doyeop Lee
  • VFX Supervisor
    • Keonyong Moon
  • VFX Artist
    • Eungjik Lee, Suwon Jung
  • Compositing
    • Minhyuk Jang