The New S-Class Korean Premiere
Mercedes Benz Korea

2GREY는 메르세데스 벤츠의 옥외미디어 컨텐츠를 연출하고 제작했습니다.
K-pop 스퀘어를 비롯한 삼성동 다섯개 미디어를 동시 송출해 글로벌 마켓에 선보이는 이 프로젝트는 새로운 S클래스의 품격과 강력한 성능을 보여줍니다.

2GREY directed and produced outdoor media contents for Mercedes-Benz.
This project, which simultaneously broadcasts five media outlets in Samseong-dong, including K-pop Square, to the global market, demonstrates the elegance and powerful performance of the new S-Class.

  • Client
    • Mercedes Benz Korea
  • Agency
    • HS Ad
  • Project Manager
    • Jiwon Seo (HS Ad)
  • Creative, directed and designed by
    • 2grey
  • Project Manager
    • Minwoo Jang (2grey)
  • Motion graphic designer
    • Sunisle, Woojin Cho
  • Fx artist
    • Sungjin Lee
  • Creative director
    • Minhyuk Jang